Amelia Seyssel - Music Studio
Lesson Fees:
On-line/Virtual or In-person (see Protocols for In-Person Lessons)

PIANO students from ages 4 and up // VOICE students from ages 3 and up
(rates eff. July 1, 2024)

  • 20-minute Beginner lesson = $20 each
    (Beginners and/or Young Ages only)
  • 30-minute lesson = $29 each
    (Generally includes Suzuki Books 1 & 2)
  • 45-minute lesson = $40 each
    (Generally includes Suzuki Books 3 and up, but can be earlier for certain students)
  • 60-minute lesson = $50 each
    (Can include Suzuki Books 4 and up, but can be earlier for certain students)

Additional time on a per diem basis is possible: add $11 for each additional 15 minutes.

Special Note re: Suzuki Method
An actively involved attending Parent or Care-giver is expected at Suzuki lessons.
NEW Suzuki Student Parents should be sure to arrange the following events in advance with the teacher:

  • All Suzuki Method parents: attend a New Parent Conference (free-no charge) either 'On-line' or 'In-person'.
  • Depending on the age and circumstances of the student ...the parent may be asked to be a 'student' themselves for 1 or 2 lessons (charged at the 30-min rate) prior to the child's first lesson -- this is especially important for 'On-line' lessons.
    • This rule may vary according to the age and readiness of the child; parents may also take the first 2 lessons with their child if circumstances warrant it.

Payment of Fees:

All Instruments and Ages

  • Payment is by a check or cash (mailed or "in-person").
    • Currently enrolled students can continue to pay through GooglePay only until May 31, 2024. Effective June 1, 2024 GooglePay is discontinuing service. The Studio will be looking into other virtual payment methods over the summer.
    • Payment through PayPal is possible only with additional surcharge. Make inquiry to the teacher if this is your only possible method of payment.

  • Billing is by Email Invoice; payment instructions are included with every invoice.

  • Students are expected to commit to a minimum of 4 lessons with initial and all subsequent payments due in 4-lesson increments or larger -- to a maximum of 8 lessons (student choice).
    All Invoices are payable in advance of each lesson bundle. For NEW students, a trial package of 2-lessons is available; please discuss with the teacher.

  • For optimal learning results, lessons are expected to be scheduled with as much consistent regularity as possible. Under normal circumstances, a weekly lesson schedule is assumed. Exceptional circumstances (financial or otherwise) prohibiting a normal weekly basis are allowed but should be discussed with the teacher in advance.

  • Rates do not include the cost of student supplies. The cost of books and other materials are the responsibility of the student. (Note: prior to formal publication, required Suzuki Voice Volumes 2 and higher are supplied at a 'materials only' cost, including cost of mailing if applicable.)

    It is the Student's responsiblity to give timely notice to the teacher for any lesson cancellation or reschedule. "Timely notice" means: at least 24-hours before the lesson.
    At the teacher's discretion, lesson tuition may be forfeited for lessons canceled (or rescheduled) with less than 24-hour notice.
    Any lessons missed without notice (i.e. "no-shows") are forfeit with no refund.

  • NEW SUZUKI STUDENT FAMILIES: An Online Parent-Teacher Conference is required free of charge before Lessons can begin. Discussion will include Suzuki Method topics as well as any pertinent Technical issues relating to the 'Online' lesson process. Depending on the age of the child, the Parent is expected to take at least one (or two) lessons themselves before the child's first lesson; this is especially important if the lessons are to be taken on-line.

  • SUZUKI METHOD Parent-Teacher Conference appointments (online or by phone) on topics relating to ongoing lesson issues are generally included within the Suzuki Method environment at no extra charge when they directly relate to issues or problems arising from the lesson environment.

  • The Studio reserves the possibility of charging additional fees for any significant teacher-inclusive extra activity and/or event over and above regularly scheduled online lessons. In such cases, students are informed in advance of any extra charges and will have the choice to 'opt out'.

Protocols for In-Person Lessons

Online/Virtual Lessons via ZOOM are available on request.
Please do not come to your In-Person lesson if you are not feeling well.


  • No IN-PERSON LESSONS if the student or any attending person shows any sign of illness. Online/Virtual Lessons via ZOOM are available as an alternative by request.
  • Discuss with the teacher in advance re: any Covid exposure incidents: masking may be required.


  • Please arrive on-time for your IN-PERSON LESSON and not more than 5-minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment. The Studio schedules from 5 to 10-minutes between lessons to facilitate the leaving and arriving of all students.
  • The whole-house forced-air heating system utilizes a MERV-13 filter as well as UV-radiation to clean the air on a regular basis.


  • Effective Sept 12, 2022, masking is not required for In-Person lessons.
  • Any Students and/or Parents who wish to continue masking in the lessons, please inform the teacher in advance -- the teacher will accommodate any reasonable masking requests either on an ongoing basis OR for one-time concerns regarding individual lesson dates.

In the event of another serious pandemic, IN-PERSON OUTDOOR LESSONS will be made available, generally protected from the weather and with a clear vinyl barrier between the student and the teacher. [See description (pdf)]