Amelia Seyssel - Music Studio
Teacher Background

GENERAL BACKGROUND: Amelia Seyssel is a fully accredited Suzuki Voice Teacher (ESA Level 5, most advanced level possible) and holds a Master of Fine Arts in Vocal Performance & Literature from Mills College, CA. She is the first Suzuki Voice teacher from the United States to have earned an ESA Diploma (full accreditation) for Suzuki Voice instruction in all five ESA Training Levels (equivalent to SAA Units 1 through 10 plus extensive Practicum and Certification Examinations at each Level). She has trained most extensively at the Talent Education Institute of Singing in Vantaa, Finland, with Suzuki Voice Founder Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki, earning a Teacher's Certificate from that institution. In the course of her Suzuki Voice teacher training studies, Ms. Seyssel has additionally acquired training & teaching experience in Finland, Australia, Japan, Mexico and the USA. Her teaching experience includes Faculty positions at two international workshops focusing on the growth and development of both students and teachers (Mexico, 2015; New York, 2016). For a complete list of Suzuki Voice accredited teachers worldwide see:

Ms. Seyssel's Suzuki Voice training has included experience with Katrina Pezzimenti (PPSA/ESA/SAA) in 2008, Mary Hofer (SAA) in 2009, and after that time extensively with Suzuki Voice founder Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki (ESA/SAA) and her close associate Teacher Trainer Mette Heikkinen (ESA) from 2010 through 2014. Her ESA Level Four (equivalent to Suzuki Voice Units 4-6 plus extensive Practicum and Examination) was completed at the 16th Suzuki Method World Conference in Matsumoto, Japan, supervised by an international board of examiners including Katrina Pezzimenti (PPSA/ESA), Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki (ESA, SAA), and Martin Rüttimann (ESA Chair & ISA Board). Her ESA Level Five Diploma (equivalent to Suzuki Voice Units 7-10 plus extensive Practicum and Examination) was completed in Finland on June 27, 2014 directly following the required multiple language & style advanced level repertoire Examination Recital (60 performance minutes from memory).

In addition to her graduate work, Ms. Seyssel's varied background includes workshops, classes and course work in Dalcroze (eurythmics), Alexander Technique, Theater Acting, Early Music Performance, Ethnomusicology, Orff-Schulwerk Applied curriculum, and Musikgarten™ Early Childhood Music curriculum.

Ms. Seyssel's performing debut was in California while studying with Donna Petersen, a San Francisco Opera and Metropolitan Opera Audition Judge for the West Coast. While at Mills College, Ms. Seyssel also studied with visiting professor Jane Manning (London, BBC Recording Artist), a distinguished exponent of contemporary vocal music and author of the book 'New Vocal Repertory'.

Subsequent to concluding her Master's degree, Ms. Seyssel continued her vocal studies at the Manhattan School of Music Vocal Arts Institute, including workshops with Nico Castel, Cynthia Hoffman, Lou Galterio and Margaret Hoswell, and at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, including a vocal master class with Dalton Baldwin. She subsequently studied many years with Joyce McLean, formerly of The Juilliard School's Evening Division, and is currently a regular soloist at The Poughkeepsie Reformed Church (Hooker Ave) in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Ms. Seyssel is currently active as a recitalist, specializing in Art Song repertoire of the English, Spanish and French language composers with a special focus on her work with pianist Maria Rivera White — the 'Cantatrice Art Song Ensemble'. She has released one CD of all Spanish language repertoire. A second CD is currently under production. More detailed information about her performance activities is available at her web-site:

SUZUKI VOICE BACKGROUND: In summer of 2008, Ms. Seyssel began her teacher training work in Suzuki Voice* (offered in the United States only since 2005) with Katrina Pezzimenti (PPSA, ESA & formerly SAA) from Melbourne, Australia. UNIT 2 training with Mary Hofer (SAA) from Stevens Point, Wisconsin, followed in summer of 2009. In the summer of 2010 she became an ESA (European Suzuki Association) member, completed additional training in Finland under the direction of Suzuki Voice Founder Dr. Päivi Kukkamäki and successfully passed the ESA Level One Examination for Certification. Training under the European/Australian standards followed, with the ESA Level Two (120 hours) Examinations completed in February of 2011. ESA Level Three Examination was accomplished in January of 2012 at the 'International Songs for Sharing' Conference in Melbourne, Australia. In March 2013, Ms. Seyssel attended the Suzuki Method World Convention in Matsumoto, Japan, and was privileged to be able to complete her ESA Level Four Examination and Examination Recital at Dr. Suzuki's original Talent Education Research Institute (T.E.R.I.). On June 27, 2014 Ms. Seyssel performed her ESA Level 5 Examination Recital in Vantaa, Finland, formally completing her teacher accreditation to the most advanced level possible and was conferred an ESA Diploma. At the same time she earned a Teacher's Certificate from 'The Talent Education Institute of Singing' in Vantaa, Finland, critiqued by 4 examiners with unanimous approval and highest marks throughout.

In December of 2018 Ms. Seyssel was designated SAA Teacher Trainer and currently also sits on the SAA Voice Committee.

PIANO BACKGROUND: Ms. Seyssel began her study of piano at eight years old and continued to study independently throughout her college and post-college years. Her background in Piano Pedagogy includes registered teacher training with the Suzuki Association of the Americas and completion of the Bigler—Lloyd-Watts Complete Piano Pedagogy course, as well as many years of specializing in and developing methods of teaching the acoustic piano to the very young.

She independently authored an Early Childhood Music Program combining Musikgarten™ materials with group piano instruction for 3- and 4-year-olds, subsequently also authoring the "Pre-Twinkler Piano" course which was offered at Dutchess Community College Music School from 2000 to 2007. In Fall of 2000 Ms. Seyssel Parks was invited to create and operate the Suzuki Piano School at Dutchess Community College Music School, which she directed and coordinated until Fall of 2007, when she departed to change her directional focus to Suzuki Voice.