Amelia Seyssel Parks - Music Studio
Studio Policy & General Operations:

General Studio Operations

  • The Studio operates with three billing periods: three 10-lesson teaching sessions are scheduled each school year from September through June (Fall, Winter, Spring). A Studio Calendar is provided specifying exactly which weeks are scheduled teaching weeks. While NEW STUDENTS may enroll mid-session with an adjusted billing, subsequent billings will revert to the 10-week session as soon as possible.
  • All students are expected to commit to long-term study. Instrument study requires long-term lessons and home practice to produce results.
  • Parents of NEW students are expected to schedule and attend a 'New Parent Orientation' sometime before their child's first lesson. New SUZUKI VOICE students will also receive their supplies (books and CD) at that time.
  • SUZUKI VOICE students attend both Individual (or Family) lessons AND Group Lessons on a regular basis throughout each 10-lesson teaching session. Group Lessons are generally scheduled on Fridays-Saturdays, but may be scheduled on other days depending on the needs of any particular session (for example: extra rehearsals for any special staged productions).
  • SUZUKI PIANO students attend Individual lessons only throughout each 10-lesson teaching session. SUZUKI PIANO students are also required to have an 'acoustic' piano for home practice; no digital keyboards are acceptable.
  • Two Studio Recitals are scheduled annually, usually one in December and one in April or May. All students are expected to perform in the Studio Recitals. All Voice students are expected to sing/participate in Group Ensembles regardless of age and regardless of Level.
  • A Studio End of Year Celebration Event/Picnic (usually potluck) is scheduled near the end of the Spring session. All students and their families are encouraged to participate.
  • Additional Staged Productions (SUZUKI VOICE students) may occasionally be scheduled outside of the regular Studio Recitals.
  • Special Workshops for SUZUKI VOICE students may also occur during the school year. The Studio has a standing invitation to international caliber Suzuki Voice Master Teachers and their students to visit the Poughkeepsie area and offer workshops.

Lesson Scheduling:

  • A Studio Calendar of lessons and events is provided on a regular basis for all billing sessions. Revisions to the calendar can occur according to unpredictable events in the teacher's schedule. The most recent calendar will always be posted on the web-site; parents should be sure to 'refresh' their web-pages for the most recent data. All students are bound by this calendar of events (including official 'breaks' in the schedule) for lesson scheduling.
  • The POUGHKEEPSIE, NY, Studio normally operates on the basis of three 10-lesson billing sessions (Fall, Winter & Spring). There is not normally a teaching schedule during July and August, but Workshops may be held depending on the combined student & teacher availability. Students are normally assigned summer homework for July and August regardless of whether a Workshop is scheduled or not.
  • The RAYNHAM, MA, Studio operates only on the specified Friday p.m. / Saturday a.m. schedule as arranged with the teacher; advance notice will be given for any exceptions to this rule.

Requesting a Lesson Appointment Change:

  • A change of lesson appointment may be REQUESTED at any time. However, as rescheduling is dependent on the schedule requirements of each student/parent in the studio, scheduling a change may or may not be possible.

Missed Lesson Policy

  • There are no refunds for GROUP lessons and RECITALS covered under the Comprehensive Activity Fee.
  • There are no refunds for lessons missed by the student AND the teacher is under no obligation to make up lessons missed by the student, but MAY do so when unavoidable life issues (illness, serious family issues) are involved.
    NOTE: "Convenience" or to accommodate other extracurricular events is not a sufficient reason to warrant a make-up; a "swap" arrangement should be attempted for such circumstances instead. Parents may also "swap" with unscheduled appointment blocks on the current schedule with appropriate discussion with the Teacher.
  • Lessons canceled by the teacher for any reason will be made-up at the soonest available time OR at the regularly scheduled 'Make-up Lesson Week' specificed on the Studio Calendar. Parents are obliged only to be as flexible as possible to accommodate the make-up lesson scheduling. Under certain conditions, the teacher may offer a refund for the canceled lesson.

Lesson 'Make-up' Policy
(for lessons missed by the student)

  • Make-ups are only considered for lessons missed with notice received by the teacher no later than 3pm the day before the lesson. The restrictions listed under 'Missed Lesson Policy', apply in all cases.
  • Make-ups for bad-weather cancellations made by (or approved by) the teacher are treated as lessons canceled by the teacher. (See 'Missed Lesson Policy', above.)
  • Make-ups must be scheduled within 3 weeks of the missed lesson. If a make-up lesson cannot be scheduled during that 3-week period, or if a commitment cannot be made by the student to make up the lesson at the regularly scheduled 'Make-up Lesson Week' then the make-up privilege is revoked.
  • Make-up appointments for lessons missed by the student are only offered on the days and times presented on the current Studio Calendar and teaching schedule.